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Just random stuff from a random guy.





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John Brenden
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Likes: Friend and Family
Music: Rock; Punk and alternative, Celtic, RNB, classical, Smooth Jazz, and
Favorite Food: Pizza, Hotdogs, Eggs, Fried chicken, Ice Cream, Fried Tuna, Shawarma,
Spaghetti and Instant noodles

Drinks: Coffee, Chocolate milk, Mountain Dew, Milk, Hot Coco, Beer

Other Hobbies outside of Drawing: Watching movies and T.V, Reading comics
Martial Arts and Parkour.

talent-less idiot "rappers"
stuck up, prejudice people
religious nutjobs

Born and Raised in Manila Philippines.
Proud of my countries culture and history.

I love anime, cartoons, manga and anime. My style is a bit of a, mixture of both styles.

I hope to one day, work for marvel comics. Dream of one day releasing a comic book, starring my O.C's. I also like to work out. I like working out as much as I like drawing.

The Drawing tools I use for my drawings are MS Paint, my mouse and Nero Photoshop Burner. But I hope to one day ascend to using more advance programs, like Photoshop.

When I'm not drawing, I start practicing my martial arts. Primarily; Karate, Taekwondo and little bit of Jeet Kune Do. I also start practicing my Parkour whenever I have energy to spare.

I get most of my inspiration from watching movies, T.V, books and a good walk or jog on outside. But most of it, comes from the bathroom...
Eh, we all have our spots. ^^ lol
While I do enjoy drawing hot girls. I think I'm going to take a little break from drawing them for a while. There is such a thing as, too much of a good thing after all. And a friend recently gave me an advise that I would gain more potential clients and watchers if my gallery, was a bit more family friendly.

So I think I'll follow his advise. Just to see where it'll take me. But not to worry, I'll still draw some saucy pics on the side. But not as much as I have before. ^^;

To all the fans that enjoy my hot work most of them can still be viewed in my tumblr page: ^^
  • Mood: Excited

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